Isolate Pain Reliever pain cream contains all the newest and best ingredients on the market. Our tested, proven, superior and FDA approved product will help with your Arthritis, Back Pain, Stiffness, Sore Muscles and Joints. The addition of Vitamin B6 for healthy nerve function and MSM for healthy connective tissue is an advanced combo to help with your needs.Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)▪ Helps Promote Normal Nerve Function▪ Helps with inflammationVitamin E▪ Anti-inflammatory▪ Enhances Blood Circulation▪ Skin HydratingIlex Leaf extract▪ Caffein▪ Increases Circulation▪ Hair & Skin ConditionerTea Tree Oil▪ Penetrates Skin▪ Accelerates Skin HealingArnica Montana Extract▪ Powerful Anti-inflammatory▪ Increases CirculationMSM▪ Anti-inflammatory▪ Supports Healthy Connective TissuesAloe▪ Anti-inflammatory▪ Softens and Hydrates SkinMenthol 3.7% (Active Ingredient)▪ Provides Deep Penetrating Pain Relief▪ Cools Skin▪ Local Anesthetic